Our company is dedicated to search the most sustainable fabrics, our engagement with the planet allow us to work with the best quality materials.

Our goal is the continuous improvement of our designs, fabrics and services, while seeking to optimize resources, production and energy efficiency, resource preservation and reduced environmental impact.

The coast of Brazil is almost 5000 miles long, and it is the second country with the highest number of fitness center per inhabitant. The biggest  textile companies are there, and they seek innovative solutions, such as traceable materials and processes, closed production cycles, toxic-free agriculture, and biodegradable synthetic material.

What is Emana?

Invisible, Emana® fiber is a mighty ingredient, turning our clothes into powerful allies of beauty, body care and performance. A smart yarn takes science and technology into its DNA to take care of you. Its innovative formula promotes several benefits, such as: extreme comfort, well-being, cosmetic effects and improvement of sports performance.

Science and well-being bound by the yarn you wear

Emana® combines Rhodia’s polyamide 6.6 based smart yarn, embedded with bioactive minerals with far infrared rays (FIR) technology.

Interacting with your body

Emana® allows that clothing made with it to use the natural body heat to promote several benefits. Thanks to the bioactive minerals in the yarn DNA, Emana® converts the human body heat into far infrared rays and emit them back to the body, stimulating blood micro-circulation. Besides its smooth and soft touch, Emana® gives the wearer a smoother and younger skin appearance, reduces cellulite appearance and helps to improve sports performance.